51Pipe Club

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All categories

Become an ambassador by certification, share others' certification and get commission

  • Promotion AmbassadorV1

    Purchase authentication to obtain browsing permission、Share membership certification commission、Full or reduced shopping。

  • memberV2-V4

    Upgrade cumulative amount of purchase order、Enjoy corresponding discounts

  • Distribution AmbassadorV5

    Purchase certification、Or the accumulated amount through the purchase order is full4500element、Enjoy distribution commission

  • VIPFive star member

    51Loyal old member of pipe club,enjoyV5Diamond member discount,Recommended collections

Certified Member Ambassador

  1. Certified asFriend Member Ambassador
    a.Open all goods in the stationBrowse Permissions
    b.After authentication, share the webpage to friends for authentication and promotionCertification commission

  2. Certified asDiamond Member Ambassador
    a.Shopping enjoymentDiamond member discount
    b.Open all goods in the stationBrowse Permissions
    c.After authentication, share the page with friends for authentication and promotionCertification commission
    d.If the promoted member buys and places an order,Withdraw the corresponding distribution according to the amountDistribution commission。

  3. Certification commission、Return of distribution commission to membersAccount walletin,Returncycle7-15day,If there is refund on the purchase order, it will be deducted proportionally。

Opening duration

  • 1 month

    1 element

  • 6 month

    5 element

  • 12 month

    10 element

  • lifelong

    500 element

Payment confirmation


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Payment amount:... element

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